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Protection based on Structure!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SoSkild cases are fitted with our Zigzag structure® on the edges. This uniquestructure is based on centuries–old concept which absorbs energy at themoment of impact. This is your guarantee for ultimate protection.

SoSkild Defend cases deliver up to 200% more protection against shocks on thecorner of the mobile device compared to the competitors (tested by TÜV Nord).

We are SoSkild and we believe that every smartphone user deserves ultimateprotection, regardless of his/her lifestyle.

We guarantee this by providing protection based on a proven construction; a structure which can absorb energy and can be clearlyexplained to consumers.

At SoSkild, we make smartphone cases equipped with our Zigzag structure® toensure that consumers continue enjoyingtheir smartphones anywhere life takes them.

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