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Stockholm, Sweden

The right to exist
The audio market today is flooded with brands and models which almost all look the same. So, we gave ourselves an ultimatum -If we couldn’t sit down
and come up with a reason to start another headphone company-then it wasn’t worth doing. Existensberättigande is a big Swedish word meaning “the right to exist”. Defunc needed to create its own right to exist in order to make sense. And from that day, Defunc has tried to bring something new to the market in each of the audio categories.
We’re here to simplify the consumer experience. Headphones and earbuds-we think there are way too many choices out there. While big headphone
companies struggle to come up with new models each year-seemingly just to keep up with the other companies already flooding the market with too
many models to choose from-we aim to keep it simple: Music, Talk, Hybrid & Sport

Our designs are unique because they complement a car’s interiorinstead of fighting it. We obsess over every touch point, curve, andproportion. Our product team is influenced by the dynamic cultureof San Francisco and the mobile lifestyle in Northern California.

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